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Bell Fleet makes it easy to keep your workforce on the move.

Why Lease

Predictable Expenses

Knowing your expenses ahead of time helps you plan your budget with less risk involved. Vehicle ownership expenses are always unpredictable and can cause cash flow problems when you are not prepared.

Better Cash Flow

Capital set aside for vehicles can be enormous when you combine with insurance premium hikes and ever rising maintenance costs. Our leasing packages will address all these concerns. A steady and undisrupted cash flow is a business advantage. It gives you a complete peace of mind.

Reduce Downtime

It pays to be ahead of your game! Don’t let a vehicle problem slow you down in today’s fast paced environment. A replacement vehicle is ever ready to keep your business buzzing.

Maintenance & Manpower

Managing your own fleet takes away precious time which can be better channeled to your business and family. Leasing gives you more time to handle important business and life decisions.

Alternative to Credit Lines

Choosing the right vehicles while expanding your fleet is made easier with leasing. An alternative financing option that frees up more of your credit lines, improves your profitability ratios and at the same time, boost up your business profile.

Expansion Opportunity

Leasing allows you to expand your business whenever the opportunity arises. We let you focus on your business while we take care of your vehicle requirements.