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Bell Fleet Management

A fully maintained operating lease is an off-balance-sheet leasing option which consolidates all costs into an agreed monthly payment. The Financier owns the vehicle, assuming all residual value risk, and provides you with exclusive use for an agreed term ranging from 12 months to 5 years. At the end of the term you can simply extend the term, return the vehicle (in accordance with Fair Wear and Tear guidelines) or upgrade the vehicle with a new operating lease.

Our fully maintained operating lease services include:

Asset acquisition, through our extensive dealer network
Repairs & maintenance plans including tyre replacement
Fuel including at-pump fuel discounts and report management
Vehicle registration and CTP renewal management
Comprehensive Insurance including renewal management
Accident and Claims management
24hour Roadside assistance through NRMA
Toll and E-Tag management
Infringement management
Disposal Service

Our innovative Web based system provides mobile access to your Fleets details and a comprehensive range of fleet reports which can be scheduled at your convenience.

Your relationship manager will partner with you to choose the right vehicle for your fleet via a whole of life cycle cost analysis and provide monthly fleet analysis reports and reviews to reduce administration and improve the overall efficient running of the fleet.
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