You car, your options

A car that suits your lifestyle & circumstances

The Benefits of Novated Leasing for Employees

  You have the flexibility of choosing a vehicle and accessories that fit your lifestyle and budget.

 You can choose a new vehicle from our extensive dealer network, personally source a second-hand vehicle (conditions apply) or we can even purchase your current vehicle and lease it back to you.

  The flexibility to choose the products you wish to package, in line with your employer’s salary packaging policy.

 Pre-tax deductions result in reduced taxable income and the amount of tax you pay.

  GST free and pre-negotiated discounted rates on, maintenance, fuel, tyres and insurance.

 Management of ongoing lease services including repairs and maintenance, fuel, tyres, registration and CTP, comprehensive insurance, accident claims management and roadside assistance.

  Enjoy cashless driving with full disclosure of reviewable budgeted ongoing lease services.

 Monthly driver reporting provided and online access to your vehicle lease details with the ability to track and monitor all running costs.

 The ease of transferring your lease, if you change employers allowing the benefit of the novated lease to continue.

   Lease protection insurance to cover your novated lease obligations in the event of involuntary unemployment or death.

  Fringe Benefit Tax is applied when an employee is provided with a Novated lease and is separate from income tax. Bell Fleet Management can provide information on negating FBT whilst utilising employee contributions from post-tax dollars.